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Announcing TableCleanerES!

My TableCleaner plugin was originally released in 1999 and achieved modest success over the years. It has time-saving commands for working with FrameMaker tables, including those imported from Word. It has been completely rewritten in ExtendScript and a single version and works with FrameMaker 10 and higher. You can now apply its batch commands to all of the documents in a book! You can download the documentation and a 30-day trial version. go to our online store to purchase it.

Announcing FindChangeFormatsBatch!

FindChangeFormatsBatch is a delightfully simple ExtendScript script that allows you to Find/Change hundreds (or thousands) of FrameMaker formats with a single command. Finds/changes can be performed on the following formats: paragraph, character, table, condition, cross-reference, user variable, master pages, and marker types. It works with FrameMaker 10 and higher and does not require FrameScript. You can download the documentation or go to our online store to purchase it for only $79 US.

Get more done in less time

Carmen Publishing Inc. specializes in FrameMaker and InDesign automation for technical writers and publishers. We use FrameScript and ExtendScript to automate tedious, error-prone tasks and streamline work-flows. We have over 20 years of experience helping clients produce more in less time.

Are you interested in learning about ExtendScript, Adobe's language for automating FrameMaker? Check out Rick Quatro's automation blog at

XML to InDesign workflows

Do you have XML data but require a more graphic- and color-friendly application for your output? InDesign is a great application but has limited XML support. Our workflows overcome these limitations, giving you automated, format-rich InDesign documents from your XML data.

tekReader for FrameMaker documents

Quickly get your FrameMaker technical publications to desktops, tablets, and phones using Eglootech's tekReader. tekReader uses an HTML5 structured application to get your content from FrameMaker to the web without complicated post-processing. Content is hosted in the cloud and can be customized with your branding using standards-based HTML5 and CSS. See samples at and contact me for a personalized demo.

InDesign data-driven publishing with EasyCatalog

EasyCatalog is a fantastic InDesign plugin for getting data-driven content to print, PDF, and the web. If you have content in databases, spreadsheets, or XML files and you need them published, you should take a look at EasyCatalog. EasyCatalog maintains a link between the content and InDesign so you can quickly update your documents when the data changes. EasyCatalog is perfect for price lists, directories, catalogs, and any other data-driven publication. Contact me for a demo today.

"Simply put, Rick Quatro is a magician. We initially spoke when I was seeking assistance with a database publishing project I thought required structured FrameMaker. Rick considered the requirements, determined there was a simpler solution, and delivered a working prototype — all in less than 24 hours! Rick automated the layout and formatting of XML data into roughly 600 pages of publication-ready tables. A process that last year took weeks to accomplish can now be completed in less than two minutes. Like I said: magic. In addition to top-notch technical skills, Rick is also a joy to work with: personable, responsive, patient. I look forward to working with him again. And again."

— Donna Reynolds, Semicool Communications






"Who says you can only pick two: high quality, fast service, reasonable price? Carmen Publishing provides all three. Rick has never disappointed us."

— Bud Nickl, Owner, RVinciDENTS LLC, Nixa, Missouri

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